Weave your own Dreamcatcher

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Traditionally, artisans would create dreamcatchers that would be hung over each bed. As we sleep, it would catch good dreams while trapping the bad dreams in its intricate web. In this workshop, a Chiniki artisan will teach you to design, weave and make your own dreamcatcher to take home.

The featured artisan will also display and discuss their own individual pieces, and answer any questions you may have.

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All about the Weave your own Dreamcatcher.

The Chiniki have a long tradition of artwork that remains an important part of their culture. During the open house handiwork sessions, artisans and artists will showcase their art and discuss the process of their work.

The featured artisan will display and discuss their individual pieces and answer your questions.

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This experience will be held in the Tipi Encampment, weather permitting, or in our special events area indoors.

(Feel free to talk to our artisans about special commissions – they would welcome the opportunity to do something special for you).

Group Size: 2+
Time: 60 minutes

Available in Spring 2018