Chiniki Cultural Centre Artists

    Weave your own Dreamcatcher

    60 minutes

    Traditionally, artisans would create dreamcatchers that would be hung over each bed. As we sleep, it would catch good dreams while trapping the bad dreams in its intricate web. In this workshop, a Chiniki artisan ...

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      Make your own Handicraft

      45 Minutes

      The Chiniki have a long tradition of artwork that remains an important part of their culture. Under the guidance of a Chiniki artisan, learn about the art of beadwork and create your own piece to take home. Visitors ...

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        Build Your Own Drum

        90 Minutes

        For a unique, hands-on experience, you will build your own drum to take home. This experience is led in a small group lesson by a Chiniki artisan. All materials will be provided including a hand drum baseboard, animal ...

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