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Our Legends

The legends that you hear from our Elders were never written down. For generations, our parents, grandparents and ancestors passed down these legends through storytelling at special gatherings, by a campfire, or during other occasions.

Performing Ritual Dances Outside Banff Springs Hotel
Performing Ritual Dances Outside Banff Springs Hotel

These legends were important because it was not about storytelling, but were important educational lessons. It would include topics such as religion, hunting, and our way of life, and also the values we hold dear, such as bravery, kindness, and sharing.

This legend is a particular favorite among our people, told by George Ear, a Stoney Elder.


There was a Stoney warrior named Wolf-Come-Into-View. His father was a great warrior named Ear; he had been loved as a champion of justice and feared as a fighter, but he was killed by cowardly enemies who did not have the courage to face him in an open battle.

During his own life, Wolf-Come-Into-View was approached by a spirit of wolf guise, who imparted a gift to him. Wolf-Come-Into-View often relied on this gift to help him out of difficult situations, as was the case one time at Cochrane Hill, east of Morley.

On that day he was hunting buffalo and he climbed Cochrane Hill in order to look over the valleys below. Upon reaching the summit he spotted enemy warriors; they too were viewing the land below for buffalo herds and saw him before he could duck out of sight. They immediately gave a loud whoop and came after him, but Wolf-Come-Into-View ducked into the nearby bushes and called upon his guardian wolf-spirit to deliver him.

The enemy warriors scoured the bushes attempting to find him, but to no avail. Finally one of them pointed northward toward the next hill and said, “Look over there.” The others looked and saw a wolf loping away. The enemy leader said, “Do not bother. That man has turned into a wolf. He must be spiritually gifted. He must be a great warrior.” From that time on, Wolf-Come-Into-View was respected by all enemy warriors.

This was only one of the many feats that he performed in his lifetime. When the missionaries first came to this part of the country, Wolf-Come-Into-View and all his brothers were given the surname of Ear. But Wolf-Come-Into-View himself elected to change his name to Mark because it was more appealing to him. Today all who go by the surname of Mark are his descendants.


We will begin offering our experiences in Spring 2018, where visitors are invited to hear more legends from one of our Elders inside the Tipi Encampment. Come, enjoy, be inspired by our food and our culture.

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